ATP Bucharest matches analysed for trading 23/4/14

Victor Hanescu and Giles Simon

 Hanescu ranked in ATP 84 and Simon 28. Head to head is 3/1 for Simon

The starting odds the night before when I went to sleep at 00.05 (not that late)  were 2.25 on Hanescu and 1.57 on Simon.

However, when I managed to get out of the bed in the morning just before 10am and checked the odds again it was now adjusted to 2 on Hanescu and 1.72 on Simon. So quite a jump.

Now you would maybe question  why when Hanescu is much lower ranked and also  head to head  is Simon leading. Well to me I would definitively go against my trading system in here because I feel that Hanescu is aclay court player playing at home and from what I can remember when seeing before he always surprised me in a good way. He is very capable on clay.

Now Simon on the other hand has disappointed by his play many times. He has strikes of genius at times, but at the same time when it comes to consistency well there is still a lot to desire for yet.

At the same time he is a player that is warming up slowly and can lose the first set and come back in the next one and turn things round. So that’s why it is always important when trading to back both sides – both players when odds are right and I was sure that in this match both players will have their ups and downs and I can take advantage of that.

Anyway, just before the start of the match bookies adjusted the odds one more time, but still in slight favour for Simon with 1.8 and Hanescu 1.9

I was following 3 different betting sites : Bet365, William hill and paddy power

Game 1 serves Simon

0/15; 2 – 1.75

15/15; 1.91- 1.95

15/30; 2.05 – 1.73 (here you can back quickly Simon since his odds went to 2.05)

30/30; 1.95 – 1.91

40/30; 1.75 – 2

Game Simon

1.66 – 2.05

Game 2 serving Hanescu

15/0; 1.66 – 2

30/0; 1.72- 1.91

30/15; 1.66 – 2

40/15; 1.66 -2

40/30; 1.72 – 1.95

40/40; 1.66 – 2.1 (here now you can back Hanescu on odds 2.1 and now you have a clear profit regardless who wins this match)

A/40; 1.72 – 2

Game Hanescu

1/1   1.72 – 1.91

Game 3 serve Simon

0/15; 2 – 1.72; 1.9

15/15; 1.8 – 1.9

30/15; 1.72 – 2

30/30; 1.95 – 1.8

30/40; 2.2 – 1.61

Hanescu breaks Simon in game 3

Its now 2/1 for Hanescu and odds now 2.62 for Simon and 1.44 for Hanescu so reversed not in favour to Hanescu

Hanescu confirms his break and takes also game 4 and odds now 4 for Simon and 1.2 for Hanescu

Hanescu took first set 6/2,but Simon as he did many times before took set 2  6/3 and also set 3 6/3

So what you must remember is backing both players when the right odds come up .

If you would just back/bet only on one player and ignored the other  one it would be pure gambling and as in gambling happens the only winners are the bookies not you.

But when you are doing tennis trading you are not gambling because you are backing both players in a way that would make you a winner most of the time and that is the beauty of this system.

To learn and fully understand what an earth I mean by this Tennis Trading and how to do this “ Tennis Trading “ read my  guide book and you will be shocked by its simplicity and accuracy.

S. Stakhovsky and C. Berlocq

Starting odds are 3.5 on Stakhovsky and   1.28 on  Berlocq

This match did not give us rise in the starting odds within the first 4 games on the favorite player Berlocq so we don’t trade in that case.

Berlocq started of well and won the first set 6/4. However he then lost 7/6 and 6/2 and therefore the whole match.

So again if you stick to the rules you would come out unharmed and that is the whole point in this trading system. Coming out unharmed and victorious too.

Grigor Dimitrov and Jiri Vesely

Starting odds were 1.25 on Dimitrov and 3.75 on Vesely

Dimitrov who is often compared to Federer and earned himself  a nickname ‘baby Federer’ a is expected to win this match .

Dimitrov serving first
0/15 1.3 3.5
15/15 1.25 3.5
30/15 1.22 3.75
40/15 1.22 – 4
40/30 1.22 3.75
game Dimitrov 1.2 –  4
Dimitrov went up  to 1.3 when he was down on the first point . Using the trading system we could back him quickly on these odds. so back £1000 on odds 1.3 ,then we need just over 4.33 on Vesely before we back him too and have a profit regardless who wins.
Game 2 serving Vesely
15/0 1.25 3.75
40/0 1.28 3.5
Vesely  won his serve. Odds still 1.25 and 3.25
Game 6 Vesely is down on his serve 0/30 and odds now go to 4.5 on one of the bokies
so we can back here now Vesely since odds are higher then the needed 4.33
so 1300/4.5= round it to £290
We now have a profit of £10 regardless who wins.
Dimitrov won the match at the end 7/6 6/2



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