ATP Barcelona matches analysed for trading 22/4/14

Roberto Bautista – Agut and Kei Nishikori

Starting odds 2     1.75

Here although Nishikori is ranked as number 17 and Agut 45 in ATP ranking, Agut is a Spanish player and like every Spanish plays well on clay court.

Agut start to serve first and on odds 30/15 Nishikori is now on odds 2 so we could back him with £1000 here quickly. After Agut took first game to 15 odds on Nishikori standing on 2.1 now.

Nishikori start slowly in game 2 being down and odds going at one point to 2.2 on him. He recovers and wins his serve.

Game 3 Agut find himself down 0/30 and odds now 2.2 on him and time to back him quickly and make a profit regardless the outcome. How we make a profit? As explained in my  Book  betting first on player who is a favor and his starting odds come up ,in this case to 2. Then calculate quickly what odds we need before we back Agut too.

So 1000×2=2000; 2000-1000=1000; 2000/1000=2

We need odds just above 2 on Agut before we back him to. These odds came when he was down 0/30. So calculate 2000/2.2=909 – we always round the number. So in this case we back Agut with £ 910. Now the profit is 2000-910-1000= £90 and that is only in game 3 first set. Nice one. Please note that you obviously trade with money you can afford, therefore I’m using £1000 as an example. Now there is a lot more to learn for you before you start to apply this trading system and I recommend you to read my Book to learn all the rules first. I just wanted to show you the possibilities that are there every day and that you can explore and take advantage too.

Tommy Robredo and Marinko Matosevic

Here the starting odds were very much in favor for Robredo with 1.12 and 6 for Matosevic. I was again following the match because I had life stream coverage. If I don’t have the life stream coverage I never ever trade. The reason is that I trust my eyes more then what the screen shows and when you see the action happening yourself you can judge better. End of story.

Here Robredo did not come up with starting odds for us to make any trading and Matosevic lost his serve in game 2 and odds went on Robredo down even lower. To learn when you should and when you should not trade read my guidebook. Remember always trade only with the money that you can afford to lose. Like its happen in life nothing is 100% but with this trading system you have a much higher success rate if you stick to the rules!

Dominic Thiem and Marcel Granollers

Starting odds are 2.25 and 1.57

Granollers is a Spanish player from Barcelona so playing front of home crowd ranked 31 and Thiem ranked 80

Granollers is down in game 1 on his serve 15/40 and odds jump to 2 so we can back already on him since starting odds are up. Remember we always, always back first the favorite player when his odds come up. Granollers loses his serve and odds jump to 2.2 on him.

Thiem in game two confirm his break with his serve taking it to 40.

Its 2/0 now for Thiem. We need odds just over 2 on Thiem before we back him too and make a profit. At the moment the odds are reversed Granollers 2.5 and Thiem 1.5

In game 4 Granollers breaks back and odds now on Thiem suddenly on 2.2

Its time to back Thiem too. We now have profit regardless who wins.

Now Granollers took first set 6/3,but lost the next two sets 6/3; 6/2

Now you can see the importance of backing always both players so then no matter who wins you always end with some profit. This is the difference between trading and gambling. To learn all the steps of this trading system read my  Guidebook please.


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