ATP Barcelona 25-27/4/14

25/4 – Quarter finals

We had first E.Gulbis against T. Gabashvili with starting odds 1.4 -2.75

Gulbis here wins fairly easily 6/1;6/4 breaking Gabashvili in game 2 first set.

M.Cilic against K.Nishikori 2.37 – 1.53

Nishikori won easily 6/1; 6/3  breaking Cilic in first game .

R.Nadal against N.Almagro 1.1 – 7

From these 4 matches of the day we had the biggest upset where number one in the world R.Nadal lost against his Spanish rival ranked 20 in the world 6/2;7/6;4/6

S.Giraldo against P.Kohlschreiber 2.75 – 1.4

Kohlschreiber  was not playing well from the start which is unusual for him and the reason was his injured leg which made him retire in 2nd set. The only thing I would like to point out here that if you would had traded then some of the bookies would treat his retirement as your  loss and some would void and return all the money bet in this match. It’s important you are aware of these facts  so you can minimise your risk

26/4/14 Semi final matches

K.Nishikori against E.Gulbis 1.57  – 2.25

6/2;6/4 for Nishikori

N.Almagro against S. Giraldo  1.2 – 4.33

 7/5; 6/3 for Giraldo . There was opportunity for trade in this match

27/4/14 Final

K.Nishikori against S.Giraldo 1.2 – 4.33

6/2;6/2 for Nishikori







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