ATP Nice Semi – Finals

A.Zverev vs J.Sousa  6/4, 4/6, 6/2

First set it was Zverev that was the better player . He has that phlegmatic personality when needed  that makes him not to do rushed hits like many other players when it matters. Also his awareness of the court was fantastic. On the other hand , being still young and unexperienced can make him do silly shots like he did in game 9 first set on Sousa’s serve that Sousa taken to love. He did three over experimental shots all of them well out and the last one nearly hit Sousa who was behind the baseline. However to Zverev credit again next game he was serving for the set and that is many times very difficult causing many players to be broken . Zverev although had double fault in that last game of the first set he managed to keep it together won the game to forty.

In set two Sousa started to serve and was broken immediately  to forty. Game two Zverev started of with two double faults and was broken back to love ,shoving his nerves were very much there and not held well. Sousa managed to hold game three to love and it seemed like Zverev had a dip in confidence suddenly and he was again broken in game four to 3o  hitting the ball  high and out of the court and  being told of for ball abuse . Fired up Zverev however changed sudenly back to great play and broke back strait away to love. At the end it did not matter as he lost second set 6/4

Third set Zverev improved his serve and he won the match 6/2 .

Zverev getting into the final against another hot star Dominic Thiem .


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