French Open

So many great young players that can surprise. Sad to see Federer withdrawing ,but excited what players like Thiem , Zverev and Kyrgios will shows us over the next two weeks. I think at least one of them will  surprise us . All three of them have the star quality all three of them need more experience ,but Thiem have played fantastically over the last few months winning three tournaments . He seemed to be the most focused of the three of them . Kyrgios although a great talent, his head needs to learn to stay cool and collected . He needs to mature . Zverev , well this guy is the youngest one but comparing to  Kyrgios  he is coming across far more mature and is just amazing to watch him play. He is clever , not only knowing in theory  how to play the points  but also managing to execute it thanks to his tremendous talent . Plus  also proved himself under pressure when serving out the set or the match which is  predicting the champion quality .


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