Alexander Zverev vs Stephane Robert – 61 36 61 64

Set one

Zverev is starting of in a great fashion breaking Robert in game two and four and soon up 5/0, serving fantastically.He serves out the first set 40/15 in 25 minutes. It is just great to see him playing .

Set two

Set two is more even Robert playing a better game and managing to break Zverev’s serve in game 6 after few attempts . Robert is confirming break by serving to love in game seven. Robert also holds himself well serving out set two to 15.

Set three

Set three seemed like Zverev lost a bit of confidence and losing his serve strait in game one at the beginning of third set to 15. However ,he gathered himself quickly and broke back immediately in game two to 30 and confirming the break with his serve.He never looked back and took set three serving it out to 15 in 28 minutes. Again Zverev when serving out the set didn’t hesitated a bit and used his serve as a great weapon .

Set 4

Zverev continues playing now fairly comfortably and serving out the match 6/4 . By far he was a much  better player.


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