WIMBLEDON IS HERE. Are we going to see a surprise winner?

There are players at the tournament who dare to look up and dream. Some obvious one is Andy Murray who teamed up with Ivan Lendl once again and we all knew what happened last time when Ivan came into Murray’s camp . He won the WIMBLEDON! So I believe he definitively can do it this year too .

We also have a calm and emotionless Canadian player Milos Raonic. This 6’5” tall guy ,currently ranked as number 7 steered up a lot of attention lately thanks to a ” bad guy” called John McEnroe the one and only ”you cannot be serious” tennis legend, who become Raonic’s part – time consulting coach. I think Raonic can seriously grab the title this year too.

Then we have  twenty two years old Austrian player Dominic Thiem currently ranked as number 8 who is quickly becoming a household name . We will be seeing this young guy at the top probably by the end of this year. That is a calculated prediction . Seeing him playing this year , his talent , work ethic and his mind can take him right at the top five. Why not knock out everybody and win Wimbledon next week then?

I have a soft spot for the upcoming young stars and apart from Thiem there is also the nineteen  years old German Alexander Zverev. He may need some more time yet , but surely there is his undeniable talent , hunger and mind set that will get him the place on the top five players in the world very soon.

Nick Kyrgios hugely talented  twenty one  years old Australian who have the potential to win grand slams but  need to mature first. At the moment  his mind is not what can give him consistent results that he surely wants and is capable of.



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