Jiri Vesely vs Dominic Thiem 7/6,7/6,7/6

Battle of the two 22 years old where Thiem seeded 8 for the Championship was the clear favourite,but he failed to deliver and could not find answers to a Czech player serve who is known to take matches to tiebreaks thanks to his firepower serves.

It also  seemed at times that Thiem had run out of steam , perhaps  playing a lot of matches for the last few months without much rest are taking its toll  .



Dominic Thiem continued to play a fantastic tennis last week , beating Federer in semis and Kohlschreiber in final . Against Federer he was a match point down twice in the second set tie break yet came out winning the match much to the Federer’s disappointment.

“Any match you lose is disappointing. But to lose when you have match point means it was a close one,”said Roger after the match.

The final against Kohlschreiber was interrupted by rain and had to be finished in Monday .It took Thiem two hours and eleven minutes to win the match in three sets 6-7(2), 6-4, 6-4

It is Dominic’s forth tournament win this year and  it feels like we will see him to win  more this year with this type of  appetite .  It tastes sweater for him given that fact , that he won these tournaments  on three different surfaces . Specially the win on the grass surprised him too .

“It feels absolutely unreal because I came here without any expectations basically, and I’m pretty sure that it’s the most special title for me,” said Thiem. “I didn’t play that well on grass over the past two years, and this tournament was so strong. I’m the winner here, I really cannot believe it.”



French open semifinals, Novak Djokovic vs Dominic Thiem 6/4, 6/1, 6/4

Novak Djokovic proved to be too much for Thiem who did show some great and powerful tennis. However , after losing the first set it did seemed like he run out of steam a little. His game was about lots of power and that requires also control which he did failed to maintain over lots of his shots ,making unforced errors . Not this time then for Thiem who is moving up to number 7 in ATP  and we can expect him to be just improving further with experience.


Dominic Thiem vs David Goffin 4/6, 7/6, 6/4,6/1

Set one

Dominic started off well breaking  Goffin in game one , but also thanks to Goffins  double fault . Thiem could not confirm the break and was broken back strait away. However it is evident that Thiem is using great power and  Goffin at times  struggles to return ,hitting the ball into the net. Thiem brokes again in game three .

Both players playing some beautiful shots on the line and we already see some nice rallies that seems favouring Thiem’s game.

Goffin trying to come into the net in order to cutdown on the rallies but Thiem managing to pass him nearly every time. In game eight Thiem making some unforced errors that causing him to  costing him game on  his serve and levelling the match to four all . Goffin then holds and is up 5/4 and Thiem is first time under pressure on his serve. Goffin is managing well in reading Thiem’s serve ,returning the ball and making points of his serve . Thiem is broken and the set one goes to Goffin. 

Set two

Goffin serves and takes the game one to love. Thiem seems like he has taken of the foot from the gas a little. In game two he struggles and is broken again. Goffin is leading now 2/0 . However it’s then Goffin who doesn’t confirm the break as he loses his serve too. Thiem is trying to fire himself up and screams few times. In game eight after a long game Thiem is broken and Goffin is serving for set two. He didn’t succeeded  and is broken back . On five all Thiem has two break points ,which he doesn’t manage to take and again it’s Goffin ahead 6/5 .Thiem is managing to hold and its Tiebreak in which Dominic is getting  the first minibreak . After a nerve racking Tiebreak Theim takes the second set in 63 minutes. Both players playing some great tennis ,there is not much that divides them at the moment.

Set three.

Thiem starts to serve and is broken to 40 immediately in game one,but he manages to breaks back in game 8 and breaks again in game 10 taking set 3.

Set four

In set four Goffin is now showing some visible tiredness and he starts to make more unforced errors and he is quickly down 0/4 and then wins at the end 6/1 .

Match took 2h  51 minutes and Dominic Thiem came out on the top at the end. Up to the second set Tiebreak it could had gone either way. Well done to Thiem and his first Grandslam semi-final in which he will meet Novak Djokovic


Dominic Thiem vs Marcel Granollers 6/2, 6/7, 6/1, 6/4

The match was interrupted few times due to heavy rain that troubled the French Open this week and there was not much play at all for the last two days. Players came back and continued where they left the play before the rain and Dominic, well rested took the set 3 in fashionable 30m min  and wrapped up the set 4 in 34 minutes. It was a fairly strait forward play for Thiem who played some beautiful shots.


Nick Kyrgios vs Richard Gasquet 2/6, 6/7, 2/6

Kyrgios started under the weather losing his serve and down 0/3 very quickly.
He was broken again in game 6 and it was clear that he is not on the court with his mind for some reason. Making lots of unforced errors. He stayed this way the whole match. At times he was making such a school errors ,it looked like he doesn’t want to be there at all. He lost easily in three sets 44 unforced errors comparing with Gasque 18. Very disappointing as he is a much better player then he was on court against Gasquet.


Alexander Zverev vs Stephane Robert – 61 36 61 64

Set one

Zverev is starting of in a great fashion breaking Robert in game two and four and soon up 5/0, serving fantastically.He serves out the first set 40/15 in 25 minutes. It is just great to see him playing .

Set two

Set two is more even Robert playing a better game and managing to break Zverev’s serve in game 6 after few attempts . Robert is confirming break by serving to love in game seven. Robert also holds himself well serving out set two to 15.

Set three

Set three seemed like Zverev lost a bit of confidence and losing his serve strait in game one at the beginning of third set to 15. However ,he gathered himself quickly and broke back immediately in game two to 30 and confirming the break with his serve.He never looked back and took set three serving it out to 15 in 28 minutes. Again Zverev when serving out the set didn’t hesitated a bit and used his serve as a great weapon .

Set 4

Zverev continues playing now fairly comfortably and serving out the match 6/4 . By far he was a much  better player.