Nick Kyrgios vs Richard Gasquet 2/6, 6/7, 2/6

Kyrgios started under the weather losing his serve and down 0/3 very quickly.
He was broken again in game 6 and it was clear that he is not on the court with his mind for some reason. Making lots of unforced errors. He stayed this way the whole match. At times he was making such a school errors ,it looked like he doesn’t want to be there at all. He lost easily in three sets 44 unforced errors comparing with Gasque 18. Very disappointing as he is a much better player then he was on court against Gasquet.


Alexander Zverev vs Stephane Robert – 61 36 61 64

Set one

Zverev is starting of in a great fashion breaking Robert in game two and four and soon up 5/0, serving fantastically.He serves out the first set 40/15 in 25 minutes. It is just great to see him playing .

Set two

Set two is more even Robert playing a better game and managing to break Zverev’s serve in game 6 after few attempts . Robert is confirming break by serving to love in game seven. Robert also holds himself well serving out set two to 15.

Set three

Set three seemed like Zverev lost a bit of confidence and losing his serve strait in game one at the beginning of third set to 15. However ,he gathered himself quickly and broke back immediately in game two to 30 and confirming the break with his serve.He never looked back and took set three serving it out to 15 in 28 minutes. Again Zverev when serving out the set didn’t hesitated a bit and used his serve as a great weapon .

Set 4

Zverev continues playing now fairly comfortably and serving out the match 6/4 . By far he was a much  better player.

Dominic Thiem vs Guillermo Garcia-Lopez – 75 64 76(3)

Set one

Dominic Thiem was broken in game one of the first set to love. Temporaly nerves? He was making unforced errors, but was slowly warming up and getting better.
In game eight he had few break points ,playing better then his opponent ,but didn’t managed to break. He was angry with himself nearly throwing his racket few times.
However , when Garcia – Lopez was serving out the first set which is always a difficult one it proved too much for Garcia- Lopez .  After few break points he was finally broken and Thiem was back on serve and confirming break to serving game 11 to love. Thiem after that game stepped up a level and broken Garcia-Lopez serve to love ,hitting fantastic shots. He won first set 7/5.

Set two

In game five Thiem was serving and  down few times with break points . Annoyed with himself  and throwing his racket once against the clay . Although he hit the ball greatly it was at times the construction of the points at times that let him down and creating the break points for Garcia – Lopez. However Thiem pulled through at the end of that game and later taking the second set by breaking Lopez in game ten and winning 6/4.

Set three

Thiem finding himself down again 0/40 at the beginning of set three, but managing  to come back,but in game three on his serve his lack of patience get him into trouble and after down again few break points he is broken after double fault. However, Thiem in game eight broke back to thirty. This time when it mattered he hold his nerve and stayed cool headed,but it a all fell apart on his serve again and he was broken again. The following game Lopez was serving  for a set but this time it was him making the unforced errors and helped Thiem to break back to fifteen .
It was all decided in the tiebreak in set three, which Thiem took 7/3.

Although he did made some unforced errors he was  the better player today and the results shows it. He must step up a his though in the next rounds.

Inigo Cervantes vs Dominic Thiem

6/3 , 2/6 , 5/7 , 1/6

Thiem losing the first set 6/3 then taking the second 6/2. Third set he fell back again and its seemed like he was switched on at one time and then off at other . Its were his unforced errors that were frustrating and suggesting some parts of him were not 100% at times. However it was him at the end who managed to break back and take the third set.
Cervantes had a medial time out in second game in set 4 when down 0/40 on his own serve. He was broken and Thiem was quickly leading 5/0 and taking the fourth set 6/1. It was the first round only, Thiem was not playing his best yet. Players sometimes do that after just winning a tournament . He will have a day now to relax and refocus .

French Open

So many great young players that can surprise. Sad to see Federer withdrawing ,but excited what players like Thiem , Zverev and Kyrgios will shows us over the next two weeks. I think at least one of them will  surprise us . All three of them have the star quality all three of them need more experience ,but Thiem have played fantastically over the last few months winning three tournaments . He seemed to be the most focused of the three of them . Kyrgios although a great talent, his head needs to learn to stay cool and collected . He needs to mature . Zverev , well this guy is the youngest one but comparing to  Kyrgios  he is coming across far more mature and is just amazing to watch him play. He is clever , not only knowing in theory  how to play the points  but also managing to execute it thanks to his tremendous talent . Plus  also proved himself under pressure when serving out the set or the match which is  predicting the champion quality .

ATP Nice Semi – Finals

A.Zverev vs J.Sousa  6/4, 4/6, 6/2

First set it was Zverev that was the better player . He has that phlegmatic personality when needed  that makes him not to do rushed hits like many other players when it matters. Also his awareness of the court was fantastic. On the other hand , being still young and unexperienced can make him do silly shots like he did in game 9 first set on Sousa’s serve that Sousa taken to love. He did three over experimental shots all of them well out and the last one nearly hit Sousa who was behind the baseline. However to Zverev credit again next game he was serving for the set and that is many times very difficult causing many players to be broken . Zverev although had double fault in that last game of the first set he managed to keep it together won the game to forty.

In set two Sousa started to serve and was broken immediately  to forty. Game two Zverev started of with two double faults and was broken back to love ,shoving his nerves were very much there and not held well. Sousa managed to hold game three to love and it seemed like Zverev had a dip in confidence suddenly and he was again broken in game four to 3o  hitting the ball  high and out of the court and  being told of for ball abuse . Fired up Zverev however changed sudenly back to great play and broke back strait away to love. At the end it did not matter as he lost second set 6/4

Third set Zverev improved his serve and he won the match 6/2 .

Zverev getting into the final against another hot star Dominic Thiem .

ATP Nice

Joao Sousa against Alexander Zverev. This will again be well anticipated match  were teenager Zverev is expected now to win over much more experienced players and even the players who are better ranked are now well aware of his star quality. Bookies have him this time as favourite and its look like that there is a goo chance for cash out if you are trading .